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What is Grounding?

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

As living organisms that are completely dependent on Earth for survival, so many of us have become detached from our connection to Earth. As the the world has become more modernized and urbanized, the creation of synthetic materials such as the rubber found on the sole of nearly every shoe has created a barrier from the absorption of electrons through the feet. Society is more densely populated in urban areas, changing the natural landscapes of Earth with concrete and asphalt roads that pave the surface of the ground and sky scrapers that block the sun from touching the earth. For so many, connecting to the Earth is almost completely removed from our mental awareness or is only possible by traveling far distances outside of the city. There is a simple process of returning to our ancestral roots of connecting to nature and Mother Earth in a technique known as Earthing, or grounding. Grounding involves any direct contact of the body on the earth. In the process of this skin, earth connection, the body absorbs electrons from the earth that act as antioxidants that release free radicals from the body and stabilize the body’s bioelectrical charge that is necessary for the functioning of our organs, tissues, and cells. Connecting our bare-feet to the ground may be one of the most simple and powerful techniques for our overall health and healing. Some of the research has shown that grounding aids in the reduction of inflammation in the body (one of the leading causes of dis-ease), helps lower levels of stress, assists in cellular and muscle repair, relieves pain, improves sleep, removes excess energy in the body, and improves cognitive abilities. Some other techniques for grounding include: taking a nap in the grass, barefoot yoga outdoors, barehand gardening, indoor grounding mats, cold-pressed sesame or almond oil massage, grounding meditations (check out my Earth day meditation on my insta story!) Grounding stones include: obsidian,onyx, tourmaline, garnet Grounding essential oils: cedar wood, sandal wood, pine needle, cypress, vetiver Grounding foods: proteins, healthy fats such as avocados, coconut oil, ghee, root vegetables Grounding yoga poses: Mountain pose, downward facing dog, cobra, tree pose Happy Earth day!🌏

For more info, check out the short documentary The Science of Grounding.

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