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A Return to our Instinsic, Wild Nature

May 20-27th, 2023
May 20-27th, 2023

8 days & 7 nights in the magical mountains at AmateCamp, an energy healing center located on the sacred land of Tepoztlán, Mexico.


Surrounded by the elements of nature Amate Camp has been carefully crafted to host experiences of connection between mind, body & spirit. It’s an ideal place to reconnect to the natural world & embark on a healing journey of self discovery.


As a fully immersive wellness experience, all meals are included. Like us, AmateCamp believes that food is medicine & seeks to live in complete harmony with nature. Meals are locally sourced, organic, seasonal & plant based.



Jungle vibe, eco-friendly rooms that provide you a cozy nest to rest during the retreat. Options for rooms with terrace, private bathroom & mountain view.


Daily yoga, meditation, mantra, pranayama, & philosophy that guides the seeker into their innate wholeness. Embodiment practices that connect us to the magic & wisdom of our feminine form.


~Temazcal Sweat Lodge guided by a local shaman

~Traditional Cacao Ceremony 

~ Vedic Ancestral Healing Ritual

~Womb Connection Ceremony

~Fire Ceremony

~Primal Movement & Dance



Recognize the abundance, beauty, & divinity within you and surrounding you. Guided group hike and opportunity to connect to the sacred land. 



Transformational experiences that unify  science with sacred to express our wild nature through attuning to our feminine cycles, emotional intelligence, inner reprogramming, & hormone balancing.


Never underestimate the power of being seen. Together, we will build conscious community & soul connections that last beyond the retreat. While each of us are unique in our own way, we realize that we have more in common than we do in different & that we are so much stronger together than we are divided.

Are you ready to reclaim your intrinsic, wild nature and sacred femininity?

For hundreds of thousands of years, Women have gathered ceremoniously to collect herbs & flowers from the earth, they grew food, made medicine, danced beneath the moon, sang medicine songs around a bonfire, supported one another, and moved to the rhythms of Mother nature.


Still to this day, we each carry a biological need to have a sense of belonging to a tribe, a circle, a sisterhood. Yet, somewhere along the way, we have forgotten our most basic need for connection to other women and the natural world around us.

We have been taught to compete, judge, isolate & even fear one another, depriving us of our ability to receive the support, nurturance, and love that is our true nature and our birthright. Even more, so many of us have been conditioned to feel guilty for receiving, our worth falsely believed to be dependent upon how much we are able to give others.

Further, we as women have even been forced to subscribe to a hyper yang, 24 hour paradigm that, quite frankly, does not serve our sacred connection to cycles of the moon.  Our worth, often equated to how much we are able to give. Getting stuck in highly imbalanced, hierarchical systems that serve but a few.

Rewilding Women's Retreat is a time to return to our intrinsic, wild nature. Together, we will reignite the sacred feminine within. We'll remember the wisdom of our bodies as women with sacred embodiment practices.  We will unravel our connection to the moon and mother nature by exploring our wild, feminine cycles. We will heal our relationship to our sensuality, sexuality & pleasure. We will honor where we come from and how to release generational trauma and patterning that no longer serves through ancestral healing. We will demystify emotional intelligence, strengthen our brain body connection as well as learn how to balance our hormones. We will redefine power as a living, breathing expression of our sacred femininity and our connection to each other. We will return to the natural cycles of reciprocity as we learn to slow down, rest, and restore as nature teaches us. We will heal our relationship with other women to remember the ancient, communal, wild ways of our being. And most importantly, we will have FUN doing so!!

Amate Camp
Tepotzlán, Mexico

Tepotzlán, Mexico is known as “Pueblo Mágico” (Magical Town) for its majestic mountainous landscape, cultural richness, Aztec traditions, and is known to be a portal for healing.


We will be surrounded by the elements of nature to facilitate a space for deep connection to our most abundant, wild, & free expression.

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