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A Return to our Instinsic, Wild Nature

May 20-27th, 2023
May 20-27th, 2023

8 days & 7 nights in the magical mountains at AmateCamp, an energy healing center located on the sacred land of Tepoztlán, Mexico.


Surrounded by the elements of nature Amate Camp has been carefully crafted to host experiences of connection between mind, body & spirit. It’s an ideal place to reconnect to the natural world & embark on a healing journey of self discovery.


As a fully immersive wellness experience, all meals are included. Like us, AmateCamp believes that food is medicine & seeks to live in complete harmony with nature. Meals are locally sourced, organic, seasonal & plant based.



Jungle vibe, eco-friendly rooms that provide you a cozy nest to rest during the retreat. Options for rooms with terrace, private bathroom & mountain view.