The Sacred Interconnection of Life

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

So often in our modern world, we are conditioned to perceive our reality through a fragmented lens that: severs body and mind from spirit; segregates science from the sacred; separates culture from planet; disconnects self from other. This false sense of separation is perhaps the single largest global issue on our planet. It is separation that allows one to cause harm, steal, cheat, even murder another. It is separation that allows humans to ravage the Earth, strip her of her natural resources, giving little to nothing in return but garbage, for one's own personal gain and convenience. It is separation that veils the beauty of life and the ability to witness the magic that is occurring in each and every moment. It is separation that allows one to judge another for how they look, think, or act when we have more in common than we do in different. It is separation that polarizes individuals who may think differently than another, when at the end of the day, we all want the same thing which is to be seen, heard, loved, and have a sense of belonging in the world. It is separation that urges one to turn their heads and look the other way when passing a man on the corner begging for change. It is separation that allows man to wage war against another, steal another man's land, draw illusive boundaries and build walls that divide us from one another. It is separation that makes us believe in individualism, scarcity, supply and demand that sets us against one another in competition. It is separation that fragments our mind, body, and spirit, detaching us from our own full potential to doubt and even fear the power and wisdom that is innately within us. It is separation that blinds us from our true nature, our purpose in life, and what it truly means to be alive.

What if separation was an illusion? A device to strip away our ability to strengthen and amplify each other's dreams by uniting as one in sacred harmony so that those in power can use their power to manipulate and control the masses to their will. What if there was another way to live, to dance with the world, to be? What if instead of creating boundaries and division from our own full potential as humans, we chose to live in our fullest, most expansive state as unified, whole, complete, One? Or perhaps life is simply a process of remembering this truth, a sacred contract of the Collective Soul returning to Earth again and again to remember the truth of itself.

If we look beyond our social conditioning, we can see sacred interconnections are the fundamental building blocks that conduct the grand orchestration of life. Providing not only the interdependence of each of our physiological systems within our bodies, but can also be found everywhere in our external world from the dynamic interplay of our geographical environment, to our near identical DNA that we share with each other, to our similar hierarchy of needs as humans, to our common desire to know what exists beyond this material plane, and so much more.

Interconnection within Earth’s Ecosystems

Planet Earth is perhaps the most obvious example of oneness with her myriad of ecosystems that interplay and interdepend on one another for the coherence of the planet. Scaling from the tiniest, near untraceable to the naked eye microorganisms in the cells of every living thing, to the vast and ever expansive microcosms of our solar system, every single organism depends and relies on a complex interweaving of systems that orchestrate their part in the grand web of life. The sun, as the ultimate source of energy in the center of the solar system, has a gravitational force that pulls Earth to the precise distance that makes life on this planet possible. Plants, also known as producers, synthesize sunlight to create energy for ecosystems to survive. Animals and insects, also known as consumers, eat the plants and transfer energy from one trophic level to another. Larger animals eat those consumers creating a dynamic and interconnected food chain. When organisms die, decomposers like fungi and bacteria break down the physical structure releasing nutrients such as carbon and nitrogen back into the environment which is then used by the producers (plants) to continue the process of photosynthesis, unifying the ever circling web of life.

Looking at the world as a whole, according to National Geographic, tropical forests produce approximately 34% of the oxygen on earth. Even the seemingly desolateness of the desert contributes to Earth’s biodiversity as valuable dust from the desert floor travels thousands of miles to feed ecosystems within oceans and forests the vital nutrients like iron that are necessary for these environments to survive. This complex and dynamic web of life is evidence of the first law of thermodynamics which states that energy cannot be created nor destroyed, however it can be converted from one form to another. If energy cannot be created nor destroyed, then it is the same singular mass of energy that is simply being recycled into various forms and extensions of itself. This is the direct reflection of oneness.