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GOddess Awakening (Flyer (Portrait 8.5 × 11 in)) (Flyer (Landscape 11 × 8.5 in)).png

A Tantric Journey into Reclaiming the Goddess Within.

October 12-15th, 2023

4 days & 3 nights in the majestic mountains of Big Cottonwood Canyon, UT


Surrounded by the elements of nature in the majestic mountains of Big Cottonwood Canyon just 30 minutes outside of Salt Lake City, UT. Wake up next to the sound of the river and the fresh mountain air. The property sits on 2 acres with a zen garden for meditation and connecting to Mama Nature. 


Food is medicine. All food will be lovingly provided and intentionally prepared. We will be offering Gluten Free, Processed sugar free, Ayurvedic inspired meals that support digestion & optimal energy with options to add dairy and meat where you wish. Snacks & refreshments will be provided in between meals.



Private, semi private & rooms that provide you a cozy nest to rest during the retreat. Options for rooms with fire place and large windows to let in the natural light and soak up the mountain views.


Daily yoga, meditation, mantra, pranayama, & philosophy that guides the seeker into their innate wholeness. Embodiment practices that connect us to the magic & wisdom of our feminine form.


~Sacred Cacao Journey 

~ Tantric Ritual

~Rites of Passage

~Womb Connection Ceremony

~Fire Ceremony

~Intuitive Expression, Voice activation & Dance

~Shibari Exploration



Recognize the abundance, beauty, & divinity within you and surrounding you. Guided group hike and opportunity to connect to the sacred land. 



Transformational experiences that unify  science with sacred to express our wild nature through attuning to our feminine cycles, emotional intelligence, inner reprogramming, & hormone balancing.


Never underestimate the power of being seen. Together, we will build conscious community & soul connections that last beyond the retreat. While each of us are unique in our own way, we realize that we have more in common than we do in different & that we are so much stronger together than we are divided.

Are you ready to reclaim your intrinsic, wild, cyclical nature and sacred femininity?

Since time immemorial, Women have been intimately interconnected to Earth & the cosmos. We were the wisdom keepers of the land. We spoke the language of flowers and trees, worked in collaboration with each other & the elements, grew food, found mystical in the mundane, made sacred medicine, offered prayers for the health & prosperity of the land & community through song & dance, and brought the miracle of life through pregnancy, birth & nurturance.  


Women have also moved to the rhythms of Mother Nature, our menstrual cycles waxing and waning in harmony with the phases of the moon. And just as mother nature passes through cycles of Spring, Summer, Fall & Winter, Women also experience our own metaphorical seasonal shifts of life, death & rebirth as we move through our life cycles of womanhood. 


In many tribal & wisdom traditions, Women held positions of power & reverence in the community for their intrinsic connection to the Natural World, their intuition, & their capacity to birth life into being. This sacred interconnection was celebrated through sacred ritual, goddess worship & rites of passage. The primary transitional phases of a woman’s life were understood as the Triple Goddess, or, the Maiden, Mother & Crone. Each phase is symbolic in understanding the changes occurring in her mind, body, and spirit, deepening her connection to the Earth, her intuition, as well as her role in the community. 


Yet, somewhere along the way, this reverence & the corresponding ancient rituals have been lost. Our cycles have been ignored, overridden, repressed & even shamed for the magic that they truly are. A shift from tribal & communal ways of being was replaced with hierarchical, oppressive systems. Interconnection & collaboration were replaced with competition, judgment & separation. Abundance was replaced with scarcity & supply & demand. Ritual was replaced with convenience & unintuitive routine, leaving in its wake deep wounds of disconnection from our cyclical nature, the earth, & each other.


Today there is an awakening, an old remembering occurring around the world to return to our intrinsic, cyclical nature & our connection to our collective. Women around the world are remembering the wisdom of our wombs, our capacity to create all that they dream, and gracefully restoring a balance of power & reverie. We are on the precipice of a great paradigm shift & now, more than ever, there is a deep yearning to heal & return to these ancient, communal & ritualistic ways of being. Now more than ever, there are opportunities to do just that.


Goddess Awakening Retreat is a Tantric journey into the cyclical nature of the divine feminine.

We are intentionally gathering the weekend of the first new moon of Autumn & a powerful solar eclipse! It is during this time of year that we are guided to shed our leaves, let go of what no longer serves and begin our inward journey of introspection, restoration & reflection. This shift in seasons beautifully mirrors the inner shifts that occur throughout our menstrual cycles as well as womanhood cycles. We will be unpacking all of this in depth!


This gathering also auspiciously aligns with Friday the 13th. A number in modern his-story that has been deemed not coincidentally as bad luck, yet reflects one of the countless patriarchal attempts to diminish the magical power of women and her sacred connection to the moon as 13 is the number of moon cycles in one lunar year. We will reclaim this sacred number as well as other sacred feminine symbols.


We will be structuring the retreat around the triple goddess, or the primary phases of a woman's life cycle.  Each day honoring the Maiden, Mother & Crone, remembering that each has equal importance & value in a woman's life journey, how she understands herself, and her positionality in the world around her.

Tantric Goddess Temple in
Big Cottonwood Canyon, UT


 In the majestic mountains of Big Cottonwood Canyon just 30 minutes outside of Salt Lake City, UT. We will wake up next to the sound of the river and breath in the fresh mountain air. The property sits on 2 acres of land with a zen garden for meditation and connecting to Mama Nature.

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What’s Included:
Make your way to Big Cottonwood Canyon, UT and we'll take care of the rest.

Ashley Refracting ligh.JPG
  • 4 day, 3 night stay at Tantric Goddess Temple

  • Daily Yoga, Breath-work, and Meditation practices 

  • 3 local, organic, & seasonal meals per day (dietary restrictions accommodated)

  • Sacred Cacao Journey 

  • Fire ceremony

  • Remembrance of our sacred connection to the Earth, the Cosmos & each other

  • Reclamation of womb wisdom, intuition & our cyclical nature

  • Revival of Tantric ritual & rites of passage that honor the cycles of our Womanhood

  • Redefining power, worthiness, confidence & sacred symbols of femininity

  • Somatic embodiment that aligns our dreams, values & actions

  • Reclamation of our sensuality, sexuality & our capacity to receive pleasure from life

  • Liberation of Shakti life force energy through song, dance & creative expression

  • Reestablish the balance of giving & receiving and how to create healthy boundaries

  • Restore sacred sisterhood & our intrinsic need for belonging

  • Opportunities to connect to the sacred land

  • Purposeful time for reflection, integration, and relaxation

  • Private hot tub

  • National Forest & River Access 

What’s Not Included:

  • Transportation to & from our Goddess Temple

  • Personal items 

Women dancing around a fire.jpg

Sacred silence from waking until 9:00am

7:00 - 8:30 AM : Morning Sadhana & journaling

9:00: Breakfast

10:00 - 1:00 PM: Hiking, Connecting with Nature and free time

1:00: Lunch

2:00 - 3:30 PM : Free time

3:30 - 5:30 PM: Afternoon Workshop

6:00 PM: Dinner

7:00 - 8:30 PM: Evening Ceremony or Restorative Practice

Typical Daily Schedule (subject to change)


Food philosophy

Food is medicine. All food will be lovingly provided and intentionally prepared. We will be offering Gluten Free, Processed sugar free, Ayurvedic inspired meals that support digestion & optimal energy with options to add dairy and meat where you wish. Snacks & refreshments will be provided in between meals. Allergy and dietary eating restrictions accommodated. 

Meet Your Guides

Keely Ann

Meet Keely Ann, an esteemed Tantric lifestyle coach, herbalist, and healer from Logan, Utah. Rooted deeply in nature's rhythms and driven by a fervent dedication to self-discovery, Keely merges a rich tapestry of modalities to guide individuals toward their inner divinity and limitless potential.


With profound expertise in Tantric meditation, breathwork, conscious touch, intuitive dance, and intimacy practices, Keely facilitates transformative experiences that harness sensual and healing energies, infusing life with heightened awareness, playful joy, exquisite pleasure, and profound beauty. A trauma-informed, harmonious fusion of Neuroscience, Kinesiology, Tantra, psychedelic facilitation, herbal medicine, Reiki, Theta Healing, breathwork, ecstatic dance, cacao ceremonies, womb clearing, and sound healing form the essence of her transformative approach.


As a devoted mother of three, Keely understands the delicate art of balancing life's demands, infusing her teachings with a profound sense of equilibrium. She passionately believes that the alchemy of awareness, and love can mend relationships, fostering harmony within oneself, partners, and the wider world. Keely's unwavering guidance has empowered countless souls to embark on a journey of renewed connection, boundless joy, and heightened self-awareness.


Within the sanctuary of her workshops, Keely empowers participants to explore their divinity, purify their essence, procure a relationship of trust with their highest self, and cultivate a profound sense of joy and love in all facets of existence. Through practices that awaken potent sensual energies, attendees uncover profound realms of healing, restoring harmony to relationships and igniting a deep reconnection with the self and an understanding of their divine energies.


Keely's unwavering commitment to facilitating transformation through Tantra and holistic healing arts is a testament to her deep reverence for the human spirit's boundless potential. Her guidance extends a heartfelt invitation to traverse the realms of spirituality, embracing the transformative power of Tantra's age-old wisdom.


Experience the profound impact of Keely's expertise, allowing her to be your conduit to profound healing and spiritual growth. Embark on a journey where the fusion of sacred practices, timeless wisdom, and unwavering guidance awaken you to a life illuminated by your own inner light.


Discover your true essence, bask in the resonance of spiritual empowerment, and let Keely be your guiding star on this remarkable voyage of self-discovery, healing, and transformation.


Ayesha Haskell

Ashley Bio Phot.JPG

I am a 500+ ERYT, YT Lead Trainer, Embodiment Coach, Possibility Practitioner, Earth Steward, Womben's Wisdom Keeper, Sacred Ritualist, outdoor adventurer & playful student of life! My journey has been a quest to know what existed beyond the conditioning that I was born into and a deep yearning to disrupt old, outdated, oppressive systems to create space for greater heart-centered living. For the past 11 years, I have studied International Studies, Social Justice, Spanish, Yoga, Permaculture, Gender Equality, Women's Health & Womb Wisdom, Herbalism, Neurosculpting, Quantum Theory, Trauma Informed Education, Somatics, & Sacred Ceremony. I received my 200 HR YTT through Akhanda Shakti Yoga in Costa Rica & my 300 HR YTT through Akhanda Yoga in Rishikesh, India in 2017. I am currently in school to become a Somatic Practitioner Educator.


Through my experience, I have grown a deep passion for supporting women to remember their wild, sacred connection to the Earth, reclaim the wisdom of their bodies, strengthen their confidence & live the life of their biggest, wildest dreams! I believe that our planet and people require greater social equity & environmental sustainability which I believe can be made possible through more women embodying leadership in our communities.


I believe that is it through a mergence of science with the sacred that we holistically expand our capacity to transform ourselves from the inside out. In this process we can open ourselves to embody the full spectrum of this human experience while simultaneously learning to dance more freely within the realms of infinite possibility, becoming the creators/creatresses of our reality and thus, positioning ourselves to make a greater impact in our collective.

And most of all, I believe in having fun as we learn to navigate this thing called life. Remembering to not take life too seriously, be silly, make mistakes, be ok with falling on our face with a knowing that each time we fall, we get to pick ourselves back up stronger, wiser, and with greater clarity of what matters most to us.

Kati Bird

Kati Bird is a Shibari artist & spiritual seeker who creates safe spaces where the body & soul can communicate. She is fueled by questions about sexual identity & her personal journey of healing & self transcendence. What does it mean to go beyond our own limitations? What does life look like when we push past fear?


Kati sees Shibari as a somatic experience that has a strong cognitive function, thus providing existential answers to dilemmas regarding self identity, self-knowledge, past experiences, beliefs, & desires. Aware that, old traumas that are stored in the body can be released as well as suppressed memories arising during sessions or class spaces. The question becomes how can we bring love, attention & presence into this space. By bringing awareness to the body, the sensation, the emotion we can reprogram our experiences & beliefs bringing expansion & new possibility.


Kati follows an evolved understanding of human relating as well as higher guidance to explore the enigmatic nature of the body mind complex. She highly values & guides self-awareness, cultivating trust, communication, & exploring the edges of comfort. The sessions take on a quality of their own as she is merely a vessel. Integrating the intention of the one who goes into the ropes & listening as higher intelligence speaks through her mind, body & hands. In this way, every experience is fresh, & every session is a different experience.


Her practice is to bring the unconscious into the conscious realm. Through a series of check in’s & communication exercises, Kati allows people to express their emotions & acknowledge their personal histories that are stored in the subtle body. Kati uses mindfulness, & loving awareness when difficult phenomenons arise, to transmute pain into self realization & development.


Room Options





Book Now

*Limited Capacity to create an intimate space for healing & connection 

Things to note

Terms and conditions

  • $444 non-refundable deposit is required to secure your space.

  • Remaining balance due Oct. 12th, 2023.

  • Full payment is required for any late bookings made after Oct. 1st, 2023.

  • Flexible, customizable payment plans available.


Cancellation Policy

Please note all deposits are non-refundable. If paid in full, 50% refund will be offered up to one month prior to retreat for extenuating circumstances.  No refunds permitted less than 30 days of retreat. If your space is filled 50% will be credited toward a future retreat.


Other Details:

We will arrive at the Tantric Goddess Temple on the Oct. 12th at 10 AM & depart on Oct. 15th at 11 AM.

Prior to the retreat you will receive a Welcome Letter, Liability Waiver, and any additional details.

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