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What is Sensuality?

Our understanding of sensuality often comes with a strong mental, emotional, energetic & physical charge. We often hear associations of sensuality with sexuality. While both carry taboos that we are taught to keep hidden or repressed as if they are something to be shameful of or fear, and sensuality can certainly enhance one's sexuality, they are not synonymous with each other.

Sensuality is our capacity to fully embody our present moment, lived experience through the senses. It’s our ability to taste, listen, smell, see & touch the world around us. Our senses are the pathway that allows us to not only make SENSE of the world around us, but also opens our capacity to experience the deepest pleasure, joy, & inspiration from life.

Inside, we hold the key to unlock pleasure, beauty, wonder, awe from each and every intricate detail of the world around us & within us. To feel the wind blowing through your hair, the smell of a forest after the rain, to see rays of sunshine penetrate through rainbow colored clouds across the morning sky, the sound of the song birds sweet lullaby, the touch of a rose across the surface of your skin, the freedom of moving our body through space uninhibitedly, or interoceptively experiencing aliveness pulsating through the rivers of our veins, sensuality teaches us that magic is forever unfurling, if only we could open our senses to receive this reality.

Yet, we aren’t taught how to listen to the internal guidance system that exists within our senses & somatic experience. So many of us living fragmented, overly stimulated, distracted lives or moving so quickly we miss the magic that is occurring in each & every moment.

Now more than ever, we need a return to the wisdom of our bodies. We need to learn the ways in which the body communicates it’s needs. We need to learn how to trust the deep inner knowing that permeates each & every cell of our being. We need to free ourselves to express our most authentic & abundant version with the world.

How can we learn to better utilize our senses to unlock deeper meaning, pleasure, authenticity & fulfillment in life?

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