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Manifestation: A Journey to Creating Your Reality

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

So many of us are conditioned to experience the world from the outside in. Life happens to us. We seek answers outside of ourselves, externalizing our power to parents, teachers, gurus, bosses, government officials, gods, social media, and loved ones. We all to easily subject ourselves to the confines that society has constructed, allowing the external world to shape how we think, how we behave, and even how we look. We aren’t taught how to listen to or trust our own intuition, the innate wisdom within, or how to even think for ourselves. We often define ourselves by comparing ourselves to limiting, dominant world views, making ourselves small just to ‘fit in.’ While a certain level of social cooperation is beneficial and necessary for society to operate, this externalization of power strips away our inner power, limits our self worth, disconnects us from ourselves and sets us up for potential victimization of circumstance again and again. But my dear ones, there is another way.

What if I told you that you could shift your entire reality by simply changing your point of focus? What if I told you that life doesn’t happen to you but rather through you and for you? According to Quantum Physics, no two differing energies can exist in the same place at the same time. For example, if person A is emanating a certain frequency, perhaps a high frequency, and then comes into contact with person B who is emitting a lower frequency, both of their frequencies will eventually synchronize to the same frequency somewhere in the middle. This makes it of vital importance to surround yourself by people and things that embody qualities that you would like to invite into your energetic field. While life is all about peaks and valleys and learning how to give and receive in healthy reciprocity, we can use our experiences as information to determine how certain activities or certain people are going to make us feel. Thus, we can use our conscious awareness of energetic exchange to actively choose how we want to feel based on what ever frequency we are choosing to surround ourselves with. Over time, we can even learn how to create protective shields whenever we are placed in a situation that we do not wish to be in.

Whoa, whoa, whoa!! Pump the breaks! What do you mean ‘frequency’ and ‘energy’?

Everything on this planet and universe, every cell, every particle, every thought emits an ever flowing vibration of varying speeds or frequencies. Think of energy as the gasoline that fuels your human vessel to operate through life. It’s what allows us to think, to move, to breath, to eat, to drink, to sense, to emote, etc. It is what fuels every single cell and system in our bodies to function. Another law of physics and chemistry explains that energy can neither be created nor destroyed. It simply changes states. The food that we eat has a frequency that transforms into energy in our bodies. At the end of this lifetime, the energy from our bodies is transmuted into another form. The physical tissues, fluids, and bones decompose to become part of the earth, the spirit… well that depends on your personal belief about the afterlife. :) It is of my belief that everything is cyclical.

So what does this mean for manifestation? According to the law of attraction, a universal law just like the law of gravity, what we focus our awareness on creates a frequency within our being. This frequency begins to magnetically attract more energies of similar vibration. Like attracts like. For example, if we focus our awareness on the color yellow, certain associations are made that remind us of the color yellow. Maybe we think about sunshine, dandelions, daffodils, bananas, many things that create a sense of happiness, beauty, and joy. The associated thoughts and emotions generated from the color yellow creates a certain vibration within the body. When we go out into the world, we begin to see more things that are yellow. Not because more yellow things magically appear, but because our brain finds reasons to validate the way that is feel and focuses more on that frequency which further strengthens the frequency of yellow in our physiology.

Often, we don’t fixate on a single thing long enough to have a noticeable affect on the frequency of the mind and body, but every single object, person, action, or thought in a single day increases or decreases the frequency within our being for better or worse. Since we have been conditioned to experience the world from the outside in, we often compare ourselves to other people, subjecting ourselves to their story and criticize ourselves over things that we are not. This creates the vibration of lack, a very strong and dangerous frequency that can completely take over the mind and body. When we focus our awareness on this story of lack, we attract more thoughts of lack in our minds. We notice more of the things that are going wrong, maybe the imperfections of the body, maybe the traumatic experiences that we’ve been given, anything that justifies to the mind why we are or are not in a certain phase of our development. We get stuck in these self-limiting beliefs and stories which can completely deplete our energy, destroy our confidence and motivation to achieve our goals, further prevents us from connecting to our inner power, and perpetuates stories of lack.

What if we chose to focus on what is going right? What if we chose to fully take responsibility for our internal condition and actively choose how we want to show up in the world? This my friends is when we become magic, the alchemists of our experiences, and the creators of our realities.

Easier said than done especially after years and years of social conditioning to believe that we don’t have a choice. But just like a muscle, the more you practice manifestation and actively choosing what you focus your awareness on, the easier it becomes. My challenge to you right now is to simply give it a try.

To begin your manifestation journey, connect deeply with the heart to create an intention that resonates with you. Maybe it is a goal, or maybe it is something that you may want to improve in your life, something that may need some extra love and encouragement, or perhaps it is something that connects you to your greater life’s purpose. Create an intention as a truth. Something that already exists. Next, begin to imagine what would it look like if your intention were a reality? What would it smell, sound, taste, feel like? Where would you be? Who would be there supporting you? Draw any associations to your intention to create a frequency within your being. Caution: Only manifest when you are in a good space emotionally and mentally. Once created, trust wholeheartedly that your intention is coming into fruition. Have faith that the universe, divine guidance, whatever higher power that you believe in is working on your side. Tune yourself to the vibration of your intention by focusing your awareness on that frequency, surround yourself by people and things that match that frequency. Last, give gratitude. Gratitude for the motivation to drive your will into action. Gratitude for any assistance. Gratitude in all the benefits that you reap from your intention.

Your options for intention setting are endless. Some of the intentions that I have worked with in the past are: I am unconditional love. My heart is open and I have an abundance of love to share. I am able to give and receive love. I am worthy and deserving of love. I am worthy and deserving of success. I am powerful beyond measure. I am the navigator of my journey and I choose loving awareness. I flow with the cycles of the moon. I am connected to nature and the rhythms of the universe. I am the divine feminine. I am self-healing. I am supported. I am an instrument of love. I am an instrument of divine orchestration. I am smart. I am wise. I am connected to my inner wisdom. I am infinite. Etc. Etc.

There are so many ways that you can work with manifestation. Find a way that works best for you! Some of my favorite ways are:

  1. Work with the cycles of the moon. Create a new intention on the new moon. Watch your intention grow with the waxing moon to fully come into fruition on the full moon and then integrate the intention in the waning phases. The length of time that each intention takes to manifest will vary on each intention. Create timelines to create structure and discipline for yourself to reach a desired goal. You can use an entire moon cycle to complete one intention, a 6 month cycle, or an entire year to manifest.

  2. Journal about your intention. Start each new journal entry with your intention until it manifests.

  3. Create notes around the house to remind yourself of your intention. My favorite places are the mirror in the bathroom and on the fridge. Read the intention out loud each time you come to it.

  4. Mantra Meditation. Create an intention for yourself as a mantra that you repeat to yourself in meditation. Practice a few rounds reciting your intention out loud and then quietly to yourself. Set a timer for yourself and repeat the mantra until you have completed the time. Or you can work with a mala and recite the mantra one time for each bead, working your fingers around the mala one bead at a time with each repetition (Traditional malas are made with 108).

  5. Practice yoga with intention setting. I like to use intentions as an anchor to keep me centered in my yoga practice. If my mind begins to wander during the practice, I focus my awareness on the intention and the breath to bring me back to the present moment.

  6. Create supportive and authentic circles where you share your intentions with your community. Take turns actively listening to and holding space for one another. Allow yourself to see another. Allow yourself to be seen by another. Allow yourself to be vulnerable and raw. Accept the intentions that other people create. Don’t try to fix or change. Hold each other accountable for the the intentions that you create through encouragement and support.

Don’t let yourself fall victim of circumstance. Reclaim your internal power. Choose how you wish to show up in the world. Become the creator of your reality and begin to create the world that you wish to be part of through manifestation!

If you have worked with intention setting and manifestation before, what are some of the methods that have worked for you? What intentions do you like to work with?

May we all learn how to use the magic of magnetism to evolve into greater versions of ourselves than who we were yesterday. Forever learning and growing both for ourselves and the collective.

Photo credit: the multi-talented Hayley Tull. Follow on instagram @hayleytull.

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