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New Moon Ritual

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

Just as the moon pulls on the tides of the ocean, so too are we affected by the cycles of the moon. Working with moon energy is a really powerful was to tune into the natural cycles that also exist within each and every one of us. The full moon in its illumination is a phase of expansion, inviting us share our energy outwardly. Reflecting the light of the sun, this phase is connected to masculine aspects that are more warming and active in nature. The new moon in its darkness is a phase of contraction, inviting us to journey within to connect to our more feminine, nurturing, and cooling qualities. The darkness is also where our most authentic and true self is freely able to express itself without any worry or concern of what other people may think. It where we can take the time to become quiet and still so that we may better listen to what ever it is that we need.

Connecting to both the light and the dark phases are essential for maintaining our bodies natural ecosystems. In our high paced, task driven, modern world, it is easy to forget to connect to the phase of contraction of the new moon. We constantly give our energy to the outside world, often feeling like we are doing something wrong if we aren’t ‘busy’ doing something. New moon phase can be thought of as a time to recharge and revitalize ourselves so that we may nourish the body’s natural healing mechanisms as well as fuel our soul so that we may have more energy to give to the world in our phase of expansion.

The new moon is the beginning of a four week (27-29 days) moon cycle. It is a great time to create new intentions, goals, visions for the upcoming moon cycle(s). It is also a great way to check the progress of our intentions. We can use the waxing phases as a time to work towards our goal or intention to fully come into fruition during the full moon. The waning phases can be used as time to absorb and integrate a new manifestation. If a goal requires more time than the 4 week moon cycle, you can separate your goal into smaller goals that build towards a larger vision and continue to use the moon cycle for support and inspiration. Each intention requires faith, action and commitment. The more effort that you put into your intention, the more likely it will manifest.

The constellation that the moon enters during a specific phase can also be used as guidance when creating our intentions, or we can simply listen to our inner wisdom for guidance.

New Moon Ritual:

You will need:

~Journal and a pen

~Option to boost your area with crystals, or you can cleanse yourself and your space by burning some sage.

Create time for yourself to journey within. Find a quiet, peaceful area using your favorite crystals, special objects, candles or plants to create a sacred space. Come to a comfortable seat either sitting on the floor, on a block or bolster to elevate the hips, against a wall for back support or in a chair. Close the eyes if it feels safe, or find a soft gaze. Keep the spine long and the heart open to allow the lungs to function optimally. Connect to your breath. Begin watching the breath as a compassionate observer without judgement or trying to control. Simply observe. Watch the depth and the quality of your breathing. Observe the pace. Observe the areas where it is flowing freely, or perhaps where it may feel stuck. Draw in all of your energy that normally flows out and redirect that energy to flow inwardly to nothing more than the present moment through the breath. Tune into sensing, focusing your awareness on each sense one by one. Ask yourself, how are you feeling right now? Physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically. Listening as the compassionate observer, allowing yourself to watch whatever comes up to flow naturally, without becoming engulfed by any of the stories. Allow yourself to simply be. Now ask yourself, is there something in your life right now that you would like to work on? Maybe it is something that currently needs extra encouragement or support, or maybe it is a goal that you would like to manifest. Create an intention for yourself as a truth, something that already exists. Take time to notice what it would look like? What would it sound, smell, feel like? Now repeat your intention to yourself quietly 3 times. Take as much time here as you need. When you are ready, gently blink open the eyes to arrive back into your sacred space. Now journal about your experience to document your intention. Write for at least 1 page to allow the stream of consciousness to kick in and perhaps reveal deeper truths that you did not observe in your meditation.


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