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Easy Homemade Nut Milk :)


~1 cup of almonds (or nut of your choice, I love combinations!)

~1 cup of coconut flakes (or seed of your choice)

~2 pitted dates

~1 tsp of vanilla (optional)

~1 healthy pinch of Himalayan salt


~ 64 Oz glass mason jar or 2 32 oz mason jars with lids

~ Reusable Nut Milk Bag or cheese cloth

~Electric Blender


  1. Decide which nuts/seeds you'd like to use. My favorite combination is almond and coconut. :)

2. Place all ingredients in the glass mason jar/s. Fill remainder of jar with filtered or spring water. Seal lid and set aside for roughly 8 hours. I like to prepare at night before bed so that it is ready when I wake up in the morning. :)

3. Blend all of the ingredients together in a blender until well blended.

4. Strain blended mixture through the nut milk bag into the glass mason jar/s. Be sure to ring out excess liquid. (Can save the nut pulp for another recipe like these yummy brownie balls.)

5. Refrigerate milk for 5-7 days.

6. Enjoy!

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