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Full Moon Ritual

As the closest cosmic body to the earth, the Moon has a powerful influence on the rhythms of nature on Earth. The light of the moon is the reflection of the Sun shining on the Moon, changing as the Moon orbits around Earth, and Earth around the Sun in a masterful display of growing and shrinking light in the sky. This cosmic dance of change creates the different phases of the Moon, each phase carrying unique energetic qualities that can be used as tools to work in harmony with the rhythms of nature. Full illumination occurs when the Sun and Moon are on opposite sides of Earth, creating an oppositional pull that amplifies any energy and emotions that flow at this time. This is the balance of Sun and Moon, the Yin and Yang, light and darkness, masculine and feminine, heaven and earth. It is these two opposing forces that creates change, a fundamental law of life. Without change, life would become stagnant, dull, and boring. It is change that creates movement, fluidity, and growth in our lives. It is change that fuels the very cycles of life.

The moon in full illumination may be the richest and most potent time within the moon cycle, allowing our inner creativity to flow, our intuition to be heightened, our emotions to rise, and anything that we are experiencing in our life to be magnified. As cyclical creatures directly connected to the rhythms of nature and the universe, the full moon not only illuminates darkness in the night sky, but also in our personal lives. Shining light on anything that needs to be seen, anything that needs to be let go of, our shadows, our fears, doubts, self-limiting beliefs, any aspects of ourselves that we may have hidden or neglected because someone somewhere told us that we had to be a certain way. The Full Moon is a great time to seal intentions and release anything no longer serving us or holding those intentions back from coming into fruition. It is also a great time to share our energy outwardly with the world and connect in sacred ceremony. It is a time to allow ourselves to be seen by another, to exchange our deepest wants and desires with a supportive community, as well as to open ourselves to vulnerability, authenticity and the power of connection.

Tracking the cycles of the moon can also be a useful tool to check in with ourselves on how the lunar energies affect us emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually.

Full Moon Ritual

You will need:

~Journal and a pen

~Option to boost your area with crystals, or you can cleanse yourself and your space by burning some sage.

Find a quiet, peaceful area using your favorite crystals, special objects, candles or plants to create a sacred space. If somewhere outside beneath the moon or near a window is available to you, set up there. Come to a comfortable seat either sitting on the floor, on a block or bolster to elevate the hips, against a wall for back support or in a chair. Close the eyes if it feels safe, or find a soft gaze. Keep the spine long and the heart open to allow the lungs to function optimally. Connect to your breath. Watch the depth and the quality of your breathing. Observe the pace. Observe the areas where it is flowing freely, or perhaps where it may feel stuck. Watching the breath as a compassionate observer without judgement or trying to control. Simply observe. Tune into sensing, focusing your awareness on each sense one by one. Now, feel the vibration of the full moon beaming down on you, or if that is not available to you, you can use your imagination to visualize the Full Moon fully illuminating your being from head to toe. Shining it’s light on all aspects of yourself. Both the light, or that which you so willingly share with the world, and that which hides in the darkness. Your dreams, aspirations, fears, doubts, worries, self- limiting beliefs. Ask yourself, what needs to be seen at this time? Is there anything that you would like to call in? Is there anything that you would like to let go of? Listening to whatever comes up as the compassionate observer, without any judgement of what should or should not be. Give yourself permission to fully feel anything that comes up without allowing it to consume you. Any emotions that arise, any physical sensations, any thoughts without become engulfed in any stories. Trust whatever comes up. Believe in your own inner wisdom. Take as much time here as you need. When you are ready, gently blink open the eyes to arrive back into your sacred space. Now journal about your experience to document anything that came up. Write for at least 2 pages to allow the stream of consciousness to flow and perhaps reveal deeper truths that you did not observe in your meditation.

If you have access to a strong, supportive community, share this activity with each other. Fully allowing yourself to be seen by another, and giving your full and compassionate attention to another when they are sharing. Listen without judgement, without interruption, without trying to fix, and without suggestions. Simply listen. Give yourself and each other the space to express yourselves freely. And then notice how this feels to connect to each other in this way.

At the end of your ritual, take time to find gratitude for yourself, each other, and the Full Moon for guiding you.

Consider reciting: Grandmother moon, thank you for shining light in darkness and lighting our night sky! Thank you for illuminating that which needs to be seen and for reminding us of the cyclical nature of ourselves and all of life!

Connecting to the Full Moon in an intentional way can be a helpful tool to introspect, to call in that which we wish to attract, to release anything no longer serving us, as well as to provide a bridge to build our relationships with ourselves, each other, and Mama Nature.

Have you practiced a Full Moon ritual before? If so, how? What are your favorite rituals that you practice? Leave your comments below!

Photo Credit: Charlie Jane Photography @ambercharlotteco.

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