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Connecting to wholeness

The path to wholeness encourages us to reclaim our power by taking responsibility of our internal condition. It asks us to face ourselves in the mirror and learn to accept, love and appreciate all aspects of ourselves. It’s a recognition of the human experience as a teacher that guides us to our truth, the Infinite Heart. Connection to this truth requires nourishing not only our basic needs for survival, but also our thrival. It means fueling ourselves with the most high vibe foods so that our mind, body and spirit can perform optimally in this life. It requires a complete dismantling of our conditioning to give our power away to others, and instead teaches us to trust in ourselves, rewrite our stories and be the creators of our reality. The Infinite Heart approach is built from 4 main pillars that offer a holistic toolkit of empowerment and self-sustenance. 

1. Nutrition- Food is energy and information. This is the foundation to our physical, physiological, psychological, emotional and spiritual health.  As earthly beings, our bodies most easily absorb whole foods from Mama Earth.

2. Meditation- Present moment awareness through connection to our pure state of being, meditative imaginings and mental reprogramming.

3. Yoga - Union of mind, body, and spirit. Journey into the intrinsic Self through movement, breath-work, mantra, yogic wisdom and meditation.

4. Soul Expanding Rituals- Explorations of the soul through conscious living, journal prompts, manifestation generation, outdoor activities, intention creation, finding sacredness in the mundane, daily recognitions, and ceremony. 


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